The Hearts of Men Foundation Creative Writing Course

Curriculum includes:

  • The Art of Commercial Fiction ---Have you ever dreamed of being a writer? This eight part course will give you a glimpse of a writing career and the life of a writer. You'll be immersed in creative exercises that stretch your ability to write, envision possibilities, and overcome writer's block. You'll be able to participate in stimulating class discussions that validate the writing process. The tips, techniques, and advice are invaluable as you discover the right niche for your work. Also, you'll be instructed by some of the countries most successful writers.
  • Screenwriting ----How do you write a screenplay that might get bought by studio or a production company? Write a compelling script that’s impossible to stop reading, vividly cinematic, properly formatted, and realistically produce-able. Our screenwriting courses will help you meet these criteria, and also guide you in creating characters, building plots, shaping scenes, sharpening dialogue, and, of course, peddling your script. Whether you seek to write big Hollywood movies or low-budget indies, we’ll show you what it takes to get in the screenplay game.

  • Stage Plays ---From high-budget Broadway productions to small-town summer theater, exciting things happen when you get involved with theater of any sort. And the playwright is at the center of it all.
    • play structure and mechanics
    • how to tell a story well in dramatic form
    • how to develop and direct it in such a way as best seize and retain the interest of a theatrical audience
    • how to choose or invent a good story
    • how to lend dignity to dramatic story-telling
    • how to to observe and portray human character
    • ... and more!

The Hearts of Men Foundation Writing Workshop